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Ultra Cheap Electric Power For Everyone
Free Full Board Service To Unemployed People

Reply To Peak Oil Supply
Electricity Generation By Magnetic Tapes

Entirely eco-friendly energy source, based on the Magnetic Data Storage Technology

ATHENS - GREECE, -- An individual person called Basil Dimitropoulos, who is a graduate Electrical Engineer with specialization in Magnetic Recording Applications, has long announced that he developed a project that concerns Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes. This electromotive system affects directly the Global Home Appliances Industry and Transportation Industry, resulting in portable and mobile power supplies for Household Devices and Electric Vehicles. It is an Entirely Environment-Friendly energy product of very low cost.

Currently, he has focused his attention on the Changing Of The Energy Trends about the Post-Oil Age, in accordance with the expected Legal Settlement between the fuels industry and the Rest of Us.

LOW CRUDE OIL PRICES are subject to legal negotiations between the OPEC and oil-importing nations.

We are ABSOLUTELY LEGAL to tell OPEC and Russia that the Global Economy DOES NOT NEED the oil and gas.

It is NOT needed ANY engineering degree, in order for anyone to spread the word out: - Electric Power Generation By Magnetic Tapes.

IF THERE IS Terrorist Action against anyone, THEN the Court Of Crimes (flagrante delicto) INTERVENES in Ex Officio.

ALL THE Judicial Officials around the World KNOW THAT the natural gas companies are THE ACCESSORY before the fact (they are the CULPRITS of the "war on terrorism").

For more information, please visit:
Contact Person: Mr. Basil Dimitropoulos,
TEL: +30 69 80 59 46 01

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