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The following information constitutes a brief historical presentation of the PPS project flashing back from the '90s to our days. The gist of the matter is major conflicts with the fuels industry along with Lawful Commercialization. A Legal Handling is required for Natural Disaster Conditions.

Author's Name:  Basil Dimitropoulos
Copyright © 2003 - 2024

The PPS project has already been materialized during the years of 1994-96, with different Commodity Name, by various Companies in the Countries: U.S.A, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and China; I sent them my project by FAX but they can not export the PPS to me – officially, these Companies "deny" the existence of the PPS. There are Geopolitical Interests, originating from International Geostrategic Conditions concerned the Energy Market, that create Problems in the Free Trade of the PPS. These Interests are mainly associated with Fuels Smuggling and relevant taxation policy.

Before 2002, when Drachma was the official Currency of Greece, there was an Agency called National Currency Protection Agency, that was making Difficulties to the Greek Sponsors because in a few years the profits of this Investment would become comparable to the Exchange Reserves of the Central  Bank  Of  Greece. So, if any Investor(s) had access in this Investment, would be able to cause Exchange / Numismatic Crises (profiteering attacks against the Drachmas), creating serious problems in the Greek Economy as the Exchange Crisis on FRIDAY, MAY 20, 1994. Nowadays, that the Euro has replaced Drachma, the Currency Impact may be even stronger because of: If the PPS were placed in the Energy Market, whoever Investors have Shares of Thermomechanics Companies, would proceed to Profiteering Attacks against the Currencies around the World, as a physical reaction due to the uselessness of their Shares, causing Exchange Crises similar to the Asian Crisis in Autumn of 1997.

Because of the above reasons, I can not manufacture the PPS in Greece or find Esteemed Supplier(s). But after my compensation, I will have the capital to proceed to mass PPS production, in accordance with the Legal Settlement between the fuels industry and the Rest of Us.

And if you wonder why the Mass Media Globally bombard the people about the debt and deficit or bust of Greece, I have to tell you that this bombardment MISLEADS us (the Consumers) from the Energy Costs and Peak Oil Era. The same bombardment applies for the entire Eurozone debt crisis.

However, there is a connection scenario between the fuels industry and bust of Greece, as follows:

Some newsletters say that a solution for the greek debt, is the setting of a new drachma (or phoenix according to other news) to the rate of ONE New Drachma = 1000 Euros. In this case, the debt would become 320 million new drachmas, instead of 320 billion Euros today. This means that the foreign lenders of Greece would suddenly lose their money since the new drachma would lose its value straight away; the quick devaluation of the new drachma would be HUGE because of the non-existent greek exports (no exchange e.g. US dollars, no imports).

The above trick has been applied two times in the past: One, in France (1960) and one, in Germany and Austria (after the end of the World War II in 1945).

The above scenario implies that the fuels industry would deceive me with worthless new drachmas SINCE I would NOT have the option to receive my compensation in Euros and then to wait until the new drachma to become (let's say) one euro = 1000 new drachmas. Therefore, I would ask from my Lawyer (if any) to seek injunction from the Court, by the argument that the fuels industry uses malice prepence to mock me (I have to wait until the greek legislation adopts billions of the new drachmas for damages, so that my compensation to be of order millions of today's Euros or US dollars).

And IF the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes was in GLOBAL use since 1994, the applications would be BILLIONS of home appliances such as refrigerators, cookers, boilers, washing machines (both clothing and dishes), computers, consumer electronics etc, TENS OF BILLIONS gadgets (ranging from RAM chips to watches), BILLIONS of cars, motorcycles, trucks & buses, BILLIONS of portable AC generators, MILLIONS of trains, ships and aircrafts (all sizes) and so on.

The above imply that IF I was collecting ONLY ONE USD from EACH power supply (of ALL the above applications), within TEN years, I would be a trillionaire (in 2004, assuming that the Central Bank Of Greece would allow me to become so rich). This means that I would purchase the debt of Grrece in 2010, instead of the consequent austerity policy (2010-2019).

And the European Bureaucrats should take into consideration the ISIS ability to attack against nuclear stations. Some news reports repeatedly said that the initial jihadists target of 2016 WAS a nuclear power plant in Belgium. It goes without saying that in such a case, the radioactivity (nuclear radiation) WOULD CAUSE Cancer and Leukaemia in a radius of thousands of kilometers from the attack point. This means that EVEN IF a Court is going to dilapidate the WHOLE european fuels industry, in order to pay compensations to MILLIONS of European Victims, the EU dissolution and the consequent return to national currencies (of each Eurozone member) WOULD BECOME a SECONDARY issue.

The above nuclear disaster scenario is also applied to the Aukus agreement, since both USA and China possess nuclear weapons. This means that we may have, from now on, a hard rhetoric between them, similar to the Cold War Era (1945 - 1989).

And the OPEC cartel tries to compel the various governments around the World to reduce their fuel taxes, so that there is a less inequitable distribution of gains between the fuel smugglers and petroleum exporters. Besides, the fuels' taxes reduction is a demand of all the Consumers. But not all the countries have large difference of the fuels price before & after taxes e.g, the United States. Even with the today's absonant oil prices, the Population or Residents of the petroleum exporting Countries do not benefit from the expensive oil since the gain is going to their governments, oil corporations and peak oil drilling.

And some natural gas brokers exploit the peak oil era and try to promote natural gas utilities without these brokers care about the murderous explosions due to accidental gas leakage. Even themselves can be killed due to "third party involving", as they name the natural gas accidents. So, the above brokers collect funds from Unsuspecting Investors and draw long-term investments in infrastructure and people training, in developed & developing countries including Greece. These Investors must be informed that the natural gas infrastructure & people training Costs do not offer Amortizement; the Consumers do not risk their Lives for lower energy cost. The Consumers prefer the electricity ease & safety prior to energy saving.

Here in Greece, several brokers occasionally disseminate various articles to the Mass Media – over twenty five years now – about alleged gas distribution to households. These brokers proceed to infrastructure construction, trying to deceive both Investors & Consumers. As a free speech expression, I request all the Greek Residents who read these lines of this web site to kindly protest against any gas infrastructure construction or gas advertising and related share ads, by calling to EPA of Attiki at 1133 and telling them about this web site; both "third party involving" excuse AND criminal record of the DEPA and EPA predecessors (lawsuits against them).

The above brokers also push some local financial officials to find deceivable investors – through either stock markets or bids competition – for the DEPA privatization, by telling to investors about alleged prospects of natural gas market. As an accommodating solution, I propose that the DEPA capital (the rest after my compensation) to be equally divided into the rest greek energy companies: 50% for the public electric power corporation (PPC) and 50% for the hellenic petroleum group. The intention of this proposition is that any natural gas quantity to be used exclusively for electric power generation, not homepower applications. And until the PPS come on the storeshelves, let us hope everybody that whatever Wars come for the Peak Oil Suppression (including any Reprisals or Caucasian massacres, as well as the Russia / Ukraine War) will NOT involve Nuclear Weapons (or Nuclear Plants' bombings), which will definitely result in the Total Destruction of our Industrial Civilization.

On the other hand, the Russian People and the other Citizens of former USSR countries are not going to benefit from any fuel companies' profits of their own countries; as neither the majority of Arabian Citizens (and other OPEC Countries' Citizens) realized prosperity from the oil industry during the 20th century. Peacefully, all these People can realize significant prosperity from the PPS usage, if their governments have the political will to form sufficient social infrastructure for such a prosperity. A proposed business plan is available, while a letter to Investors is here.

Concerning the Transportation Sector, the natural gas promoters say that the gas-powered buses are very safe, while there is not any experience about imponderable factors such as crash with other similar size vehicles e.g, a conventional bus or truck, or, if someone shoots the roof of a gas-powered bus for political reasons. Some of the gas promoters say that only the liquid gas is dangerous for vehicle explosions. This case had become very serious because of the Security Matter during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens - Greece.

Athens is the first City in the World where gas-powered buses operate in large scale (about 400 such buses are on the streets although the exact number is variable due to a number of buses in depots). The above promoters say that there is not yet any reported accident of NGV (natural gas vehicle) in the World. Presumably, there is not such accident yet BUT there is an intentional explosion of gas-powered bus (that would NOT happen IF it was conventional) during the 2005 violence in France, while the NGVs are very few yet in the other Cities of the World.

So, there are not large scale Statistics from other Cities Globally because Athens is the First City for Experiments in Habitant Places. Does this mean that we have to bemoan innocent Victims first and then to withdraw the buses? Or these bus-bombs will remain on the streets in any case? In Germany and other developed countries, some automobile manufacturers make experiments with hydrogen-powered buses and hydrogen fuel cells, while these manufacturers plan to introduce such buses to the Public in the near future. The hydrogen behavior, in crash conditions, is totally unknown even though the fuel cells operation is quite safe. The hydrogen is far more dangerous than natural gas.

Upon approval for the Free Trade of the PPS, we will easily be able to publish the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes in the Mass Media. If you wish, you can change the Commodity Name. The Final Marketing Step is every Electric or Electronic Device contains built-in the required power for its operation. Thus, the Large Publicity is Prerequisite so that any Manufacturers or Representatives do not have Security Problems and the Global Electric & Electronic Appliances Industry can include the PPS as devices' components. There are Integrated Solutions for the Unemployment due to the PPS.

Furthermore, the Natural Disasters (no matter how) require clear and fast counteraction so that any Survivors can recover with the least suffering possible. If the Indian Ocean Countries had the financial ability to acquire a Tsunami Warning System (similar to that in Pacific Ocean, despite any glitches) BEFORE this Tragedy, the December 26th of 2004 would be much better. This replies to whom say that the oil exploration drillings around the World release the faults energy earlier than expected, causing premature seismic phenomena of lower magnitude. The Catch in it consists in the Fact that we are talking here for earthquakes with decades delay, thus the Poor Nations would have the time necessary to acquire a Warning System by saving their high energy costs (PPS usage).

Moreover, the technical ability of releasing the stored energy on faults at will, is a Human issue that requires legal intervention. This ability is very important in legal terms because it differentiates the Disaster Cause. Unauthorized use of seismic techniques (without evacuating the Local Populations First) constitutes Felony at least. And why should exist any inkling about this particular disaster? Timing. The World Public Opinion is shocked and thrilled by the TV images and reports. The "terrorism" Victims are different from Natural Disaster Victims now. The same and their compensations.

Therefore, ONLY IF someone can prove that the Indonesia earthquake was intentional THEN a Court can pronounce indictments against the fuels industry. But if this Disaster was clearly Natural (and coincidently occurred when I was ready to prioritize the lawsuits against the local gas companies instead of general legal research – that can drive to the Compensations of all the Families of Victims of the "war on terrorism"), THEN we must be prepared for the NEXT Natural Disasters (no matter how). If something happens – like the Haiti earthquake or Pakistani floods – and millions of People do not have access to electricity, food, water, sanitary articles etc then should our Civilization suffer from such Tragedies???

The same legal terms apply to the Japan Nuclear Disaster of 2011. The energy industry wants to kill people WITHOUT to pay compensations. So, again, ONLY IF someone can prove that the Japan earthquake was intentional THEN a Court can pronounce indictments against the fuels industry. We must be ready for the NEXT Nuclear Disasters. The sooner we get rid of all fuels, the better for all of us.

Further, the SARS-CoV-2 creates bio-war conditions GLOBALLY. Even though I believe that this virus is air-pollution related (I am not doctor), I do appeal to everyone in China or elsewhere to seek Legal Investigation for the virus origin. I repeat, the energy industry wants to kill people WITHOUT to pay compensations. This thing deprives our Lives and Civil Liberties. It also hits the Global Production Lines and destroys our Nations' Economies. So, again, ONLY IF someone can prove that the virus was intentional THEN a Court can pronounce indictments against the fuels industry (plus the exhaust gases CAUSE DEADLY respiratory diseases).

The previous SARS of 2003 was much less disastrous than today's SARS-CoV-2. I mention this because in the case of 2003's SARS, there were biowar suspicions, due to either western investments' foes or asian growth underminers. Nowadays, the Victims except China are MANY MORE than 2003. Therefore, if the SARS-CoV-2 is fabricated in a medical laboratory, who else (other than the fuels industry) would have motive to kill so many people??? The above mean that the energy industry is double guilty (either the virus is intentional or due to the air-pollution).

See the hurricane "katrina", which is clearly greenhouse gases-related (the water in the Gulf of Mexico is getting hotter and hotter). Of course, even if the PPS were on the storeshelves since 2001 (instead of the "war-on-terror" launch), we would still pay the "greenhouse price" due to the fuels burning during the 20th century. BUT WE WOULD HAVE LEFT BEHIND THE CAUSE of the extreme weather phenomena. So, we would have the ethical pleasure that the cause is over and in some decades, the global climate would be again as it was before the Industrial Revolution. Plus, the Task of Rescue Teams would be much easier than now – while the hurricane Victims would react immediately after the levees collapse (using ready-to-go rescuing vehicles; instead of waiting for oil or electricity to move boats or pumps, respectively).

On top of that, the specifically reduced budget of Army Corps of Engineers for New Orleans the 2005 summer for third year in a row, is a Legal Issue for prosecution investigation. Because even if this budget was not reduced, there were not going to be any Army engineers to maintain the levees anyway – due to their irrelevant construction job: building democracy in Iraq! This paragraph is influenced by an open letter to white house, sent from web site.

So, any Investors' Initiatives for mass PPS production must come along with legal protection (or Court order).

The investment cost is about 80,000 USD for the purchase of the required equipment that results in production of the Portable Power Supplies. This equipment mainly concerns the fabrication of the Glass Bonded Ferrite Cores (Kilns, Molds etc) and machineries for winding / profiling / polishing operations, although you may already have some of these machines.

In Massive Production, after the Prototypes, the unit cost of the Playback Heads is 5 USD or less (thousands of pieces per month). Given that the energy of the PPS is not "consumable", it is concluded that these products are very competitive to equivalent products in Market. For example, the rechargeable batteries (6V) cost about 10 USD and their energy is extremely limited while the accumulators or photo-voltaic cells are much more expensive than rechargeable batteries. In addition, the PPS are entirely friendly to the Environment while the Electrochemical Technology (batteries & accumulators) is not completely ecological. On the other hand, the photo-voltaic cells are completely ecological but they do not operate in the darkness. This means that a retail price of 25 USD for a PPS is very competitive in the Energy Market.

The above imply that the net profit of each PPS is 10 USD at least meaning that:

The Amortizement Time is less than one month (8,000 PPS).

We will be distributing the PPS to our Customers with "energy warranty" in a sense that if a PPS develops faults then we will replace the "erased tape" with a new one "recorded tape" although we can also record again the sawtooth wave onto the same magnetic tape.

If desirable, you may renew your equipment to fabricate thousands of PPS by using very large core sizes which allow us to use very thick coilwire (1.2 mm), in order for the largest nominal current possible to be 3A per head (there are already made such designs).

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