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This Web Page Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Thousands Of Innocent Victims And Those Who Lost Their Lives Trying To Save Them. Furthermore, To All The Victims Of The "War On Terrorism" At Every Corner Of This World
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By Basil Dimitropoulos

Almost every human being on this planet was extremely shocked by hearing, or watching TV News Reports, about the terrorist attacks against the United States. Everyone was asking why did this happen in such powerful country. The Relatives and Friends of Thousands of Innocent Victims around the Globe have a BIG why. Although the horrible pictures of 9/11 attacks will indelibly remain for years in many people minds, this article will peacefully answer the question:

What REALLY MOTIVATED the terrorists to do such terrible thing?

Some analysts believe (and have right) that if the terrorists wanted as many victims as possible, then, they would hit the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center at 11 A.M or 12 P.M when the Towers would be full of People. Given the terrorists organization, they could hijack any airplane they wanted in Boston Airport or else, at their time selection since every two minutes there is one take-off in each airport.
Moreover, the terrorists gave Valuable Time to U.S Authorities to predict their next target after the WTC and U.S Pentagon, so the fourth airplane (Flight 93) was crashed before it crashes on its target. Officially, the Passengers within the plane caused the prompt crash but some people suggest that the plane was shot down in such a manner so that the result to be crash on the ground, not explosion in the air. Certainly the terrorists had the ability to delay their hits on the WTC by telling to U.S Authorities a story about an "exchange", as occurs in other hijacks around the World. The U.S Authorities would not proceed to shoot down any airplane because they did not know that the pilots were ready to die, so the Authorities' Minds would be focused on how to save the Passengers within the hijacked planes. In this way, the terrorists would synchronize their hits with punctuality of some minutes – and not a hour as occurred – so any authorities in the World could not predict or prevent such a tragedy; especially if there were more hijacked planes with crash targets on nuclear power plants or chemical factories. Besides, the United States had signed an International Agreement (before the attacks) not to use military power against any civil airplane, so a decision to shoot down an airplane without a logic reason would be very hard.

The above theories induce ideas to some people and various strategic analysts say that the terrorist attacks proved the uselessness of the National Missile Defence program, since whoever want to cause damage in the USA, including weapons of mass destruction, they are highly unlikely to launch a missile attack. There are innumerable easier ways that are hardly controllable e.g, biological / chemical weapons or common fertilizers like the Oklahoma bombing in 1995. But the attacks have, unfortunately, been exploited to increase the pressure to develop systems as the NMD program – although some Observers say that the tragedy of Space Shuttle Columbia delayed the Space military programs. However, the defence industries have strong influence in the U.S government decisions (see Iraq War) and whatever measures against the terrorism – either security systems within the airplanes or Space militarization – have benefited them. But then, I find it hard to believe that some defense industries would organize such an Assault against their Nation in order to increase their sales.

In fact, something else is behind the Assaults against the United States. To come to the point, is there any relation between the oil industry and terrorist attacks?

Well, almost everybody say now that the "war on terror" is the next oil war and several news reports revealed in retrospect that some FBI agents or CIA officials had fuzzy information about these attacks. But the 9/11 Commission, which was set up to investigate the events of 11 September 2001 and the years that led up to that event, hushed up the deeper truth. So, I declare that a minority of energy industry executives is behind these terrorist attacks – all the Judicial Officials around the World know it. The first attack took place less than 39 hours after an update of my Commonly Asked Questions page – the main meaning of that update concerned the latest trends (up to that moment) about the Energy Market Deregulation in Greece.

In brief, my web site concerns Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes (about a PPS project) and there is strong interaction between my project and the fuels industry in general. In particular:

I started to work at large my project about in 1990, after the End Of Cold War, when I was 23. Those days, the Global Free Trade Trends were in the beginning. Concerning the European Energy Market, there were two main conflicting trends:

1.  The former USSR countries and their companies which are involved in the gas fuels industry, wanted to penetrate the european & asian energy markets, by exploiting the energy markets deregulation which was at that time in infancy mode. The companies' main activities were related to the natural gas industry. They had business plans for penetration in developing countries, which do not have any gas utilities or relevant infrastructure. These companies just wanted to propagandize the natural gas usage for their profit, not caring at all about the People reactions concerning the Safety Issues.

2.  The companies which are involved in the liquid fuels industry, wanted to retain or expand their market share. They were considering the natural gas companies as competitors to their products. So, they thought to form alliances with other companies that would be against the natural gas penetration. The best allies were the public electric power corporations and their Labor Unions, since the natural gas usage would drive to the private electric power plants (including the public) – no natural gas, no fuel for the private electric power investors, hence no competition for the electric power market.

Yet allies were the renewable energy companies and more specifically, the solar thermal companies which have a respectable market share in the South European Energy Market (mainly in Greece, Spain and Portugal). On this march of alliances, I started to collect the first major information about the PPS project, by reading various technical books on the Magnetic Recording topic.

I found the first Magnetic Heads Supplier early 1994. Having realized the revolutionarity of my project, I did not have primarily any commercial plans about it. I was only asking from various colleagues or familiar persons to mediate between me and the fuels industry so that we come to terms with an agreement about the Future commercialization of the PPS project. By this agreement, I would be allowed to import magnetic heads only for personal use, so the physical principles of my project would be known only to me and the magnetic head suppliers. In this way, whoever was asking me "what is your Job?", I would answer "I have made this machine and agreed with the fuels industry about the Future commercialization of these machines" – when our Planet will face strong environmental problems (air quality, water treatment, sea level rise etc). Until the Future commercialization, I should have a compensational incoming as a logic accommodation, since it is not my fault if the established geopolitical interests block my work offer to the People.

In the course of time and while the years were passing, I realized that no one was able to bring a logic solution. Why? Because the fuels industry wanted War against the Future commercialization of the PPS project. To achieve this, some fuels industry executives started to fund the optical recording media before 1997 – by exploiting funds from fuels smuggling in several countries – in order to eliminate the magnetic recording media. In this way, the PPS project would not be Materializable in the Future. I learned through the Web about the funding of optical recording media, during the NATO bombings against Yugoslavia, in Spring of 1999. Until then, I thought that the evolution of rewritable optical media was normal, without financial support from the fuels industry.

The point is that – back in 1990 – I had not realized the above conflicting trends in the European Energy Market because I did not know that there are persons who are fanatics or bigoted with the gas fuels. I learned about this conflict ten years later, during subsidized seminars in Spring of 2000. Then, I realized that the fuel smugglers, who were funding the rewritable optical media before 1997, were also involved in the natural gas promotion in Greece and other European developing countries. These fuel smugglers wanted to eliminate the Magnetic Storage Media in order to propagate the gas usage, while the People do NOT risk their Lives for lower energy cost.

The above fuel smugglers had the approval of the liquid fuels industry – as long as they would hit their target – since the PPS project is rival to the whole fuels industry (solid, liquid and gas).

From 1994 to 2000, I thought that I was fighting only the liquid fuels industry (and some monetary agencies) since the electric power corporations are not considered so opposers to the PPS project – because of the electric vehicle marketplaces as described in the Business Plan web page. The solid fuels have been usurped by the liquid fuels in the duration of 20th century – so during the latest decades, the coal has a subaltern role in the global energy market.

In the years of 1994-2000, I had concluded from experience that the persons Behind-The-Scenes wanted to create Safety Problems only to my Candidate Partners, not to me or magnetic head manufacturers. But I did not know the why. The reason eventually was the above alliances due to the conflicting trends in the European Energy Market. However, I learned in June of 2003 that these alliances had been enlarged by the greek authorities, in order to arrest the local terrorist group "November 17" in 2002, as I refer in the Cooperation Status of Project Description page. Thus, the above alliances do not make sense for the peak oil Age.

When I realized the long-term conflict between the PPS project and natural gas industry, I started to focus my attention on the counteraction of natural gas penetration in Greece and other European countries.

So, in Autumn of 2000 (September / October) and while the oil prices had exceeded the 30 USD per barrel, I add a paragraph in the today's Project History page about the expensive oil and gas promoters, intending that they will stop to disseminate their articles to the Mass Media. But, in November, the Users' Web Server of my dial-up ISP ( appears technical problems and goes off.

In January of 2001, the Athens Urban Transport Organization, under the pressure of gas promoters, introduces the first CNG (compressed natural gas) buses on Athens streets. At the same time, the Hellenic Ministry Of Development reminds that from February 19, 2001 the energy market deregulation begins. Then, the persons Behind-The-Scenes start to limit my financial abilities and I update the Commonly Asked Questions page about this Matter.

Now we are in March of 2001 and I annotate – in my situation files – the dangerous natural gas-powered buses (CNG buses). From now on, I am watching the course of the energy market deregulation in Greece very carefully. On May 14, 2001 I add comments in the Commonly Asked Questions page about the Growing of Information Societies and Air-Pollution Impacts. On July 2, 2001 I write that the coming years are critical for the electric power market deregulation in Greece and I refer back the initial timetable of the Hellenic Ministry Of Development.

On August 16, 2001 I add two paragraphs in the today's Project History page – one paragraph about the dangerous gas-powered buses, intending that the Athens Urban Transport Organization will withdraw them and one paragraph about the Greek brokers who disseminate various articles to the Mass Media (over fifteen years now) about alleged natural gas distribution to households.

On September 10, 2001 I write that the electric power market deregulation in Greece is moving slowly and then, in 39 hours, the attacks against the United States have begun.

Coincidence? No, it is not.

The fuels industry tries to terrify the Global Business Community not to invest in the PPS project, by exploiting the fact that many Business People, in USA and Far East, are working within Skyscrapers. Also, many People travel by airplane around the World in order to meet their long-distance transport needs, since there is not other practical transport mean for such long travels. Maybe the next attacks would be against Magnetic Storage Companies or Information Technology Corporations, while the Islamic Reprisals against the western strikes (both Afghanistan and Iraq Wars) are always unpredictable. Thus, an International Court is competent to approve the PPS Free Trade as well as to convict any liable oil or gas executives for their malice prepense to suppress the truth about peak oil status BEFORE the "war-on-terror" launch.

The Iraq War particularly is done without UN approval and in partial contrary to the European Union. To this point, the today's insanity with the Iranian nuclear program would NEVER happen IF the Iraq War DID NOT EXIST: the american government WOULD NOT DARE to THINK to bombard Iran – by using HORRIFIC NUCLEAR bunker busters OF DOUBTFUL EFFECTIVENESS – WITHOUT possessing first the Iraq War Arrogance.

And since many experts say that the Peak Oil Age had come BEFORE the Iraq War, the Euro adoption by OPEC Members (as sole currency for oil sales – allegedly a major factor of conflict between USA and Europe) WAS THE TRICK to disorientate the Global Public Opinion (not just the U.S Citizens). So, our mass media are busy now with the alleged Civilizations Clash that constitutes the main Bush Administration's Policy, while the Peak Oil Supply requires a Totally New Cooperation between the West and Islamic Civilization. Moreover, the Democratization of Dictatory Regimes is rarely achieved by Wars (attacks and invasions from foreign nations). In the long run, a democratized and peaceful Iraq has yet to be proven, while the oil shortages raise Inflation Issues Globally.

In order to cover up the high living cost index of the today's oil economy, some petroleum economists refer to the Japanese Finances during the '90s, where the local Real Estate's drop of value drove to banks crisis. This is a widely known Recession, following up a Boom in the '80s. So, the oil-influenced economists say that the expensive oil is good! because it prevents the Deflation i.e. the constant prices slash drives to corporations' profits squeeze, resulting in drop of investments, industrial production and employment. The Catch in it consists in the assumption that the People would not buy anything, even if the Goods are unacceptably cheap. Of course, the People always like to consume, according to their budgets. And the larger the Population is, the larger the Sales are.

The World Trade Center was a Symbol of the Global Free Trade Vision. After the End Of Cold War, the Market Forces are against the Thermomechanics Industry because of the PPS project. Among the north tower tenants (near the top), there were TV Stations and maybe they had thoughts with respect to the Large Publicity. Among the north and south tower tenants, there were Powerful Financial Institutions. Maybe they had a serious plan about a Conference with Participants from all interesting parties, as I am seeking in the Commonly Asked Questions page since 1998.

Many People around the World are confused about the World Free Trade and Globalization. They think that Globalization means multinational companies' tyranny while the Commercialization of PPS project drives to the Drastic Reduction of Working Time of Every Employee Globally, resulting in Spare Time & Easier Living Way with very low Living Cost Index and a Cleaner Environment for all of us. This is the other side of the Globalization: The Internet. Because the Information is Weapon Against the Poorness.

Why do not the kamikaze-terrorists respect their own Lives? The Religious Fanaticism does not constitute persuasive answer, unless it is related to the Poorness and Ignorance. When someone is poor or ignorant, regardless of age or tribe, it is very easy to become puppet of influential persons. But the terrorists of September 11, 2001 were skilful persons, so why did they do it? There are several scenarios about it; almost every day the News Reports say that in the Middle East Region there is at least one kamikaze-attack against human targets. If someone is an influential person with the proper connections, he or she approaches a terrorists camp and says to an ignorant person: "Do you want to die?", "Come with us to train you become a hero for Islam" is the answer of the influential person(s).

Of course, the above exploitation may be applied to any religion. In other words, the oil industry exploits the Religious Fanaticism of some Arabian People in order to terrify various People around the World, while the Arabian World and Muslim Countries seek to be Independent from the Western Influence or Territory. The oil industry alliances are based on the essential need for Cooperation between the West and Muslim Countries. This Cooperation was developed during the 20th century; the Arabian Countries produce the oil and the West is their Customer. But which is the border line between Cooperation and Influence? This accommodating border can be in existence if the Muslim Countries have equal opportunities to promote their Culture around the World.

The Telecom Industry and Internet Penetration in the Muslim Countries can prudently provide the above accommodation. The Muslims World and Arabian People need to be familiar with the IT industry so that they do not feel as second-rate citizens. And if some Arabian Leaders became rich because of the oil industry during the 20th century, their Citizens do not enjoy high living quality. The Democratization of Muslim Countries could be helpful, on condition that the Islamic People would be able to spread their Religious Beliefs by using electronic means. Many Muslims think that the IT industry is Evil because the majority of IT workers is of another religion. But there are so many Muslims who live and work in the West or Far East and certainly can inform their Compatriots in Middle East or else about the Capabilities of the Information Societies to promote Culture or Ways Of Living.

And instead of a Successful Cooperation, what do we have? The military strikes against Afghanistan, the War in Iraq, the Massacres in Caucasus and recent reprisals in London UK create a constant undermining of the Islamic World: The western Mass Media allegedly wonder for which reason 4 kamikaze-terrorists proceeded to 7/7 attacks since they were not brought from the Middle East but they were british citizens (assimilated by the western way of living). The answer is quite straight and was stated above: The today's oil-based Cooperation between the West and Muslim Nations DOES NOT PROVIDE equal opportunities to all the Muslims everywhere. The today's western-living Muslims consider (and have right) their Compatriots as fully oppressed. So, why not a fully educated western-living Muslim revenge the West for its Arrogance?

You see, the Madrid reprisals did not involve kamikazes, so our mass media did not have the above "wonders". The christian governments (including Russia) think that they have the right to bombard whatever targets they want, including oil-exporting countries for which there are suspicions of terrorism support around the World. Various "classified reports" of the Bush Administration say that after Iraq, the pre-emptive attacks for democratization process include several Islamic Nations (with or without UN approval)! What if some or all of these nations (or some defeated Iraqi Officials and Chechen guerillas) have the connections to acquire atomic bomb(s)???

On the other hand, many people believe that the nuclear weapons constitute Peace Guarantee, in a sense that if there were not nukes then we would still have conventional wars from time to time, as the World War I & II. Iran or North Korea nuclear programs and the desire of other small countries (despite any dictatorships) to obtain nukes, may also be explicated by this Peace Guarantee conception. The small countries stand in fear of the Big nations and vice-versa. After Hiroshima and Nagashaki, we are all sentenced to live peacefully – this is OUR Legacy from the Historical Consequences Of The World War II and its sequential Cold War. Otherwise, we may die all from the nukes and the Humanity may return back to the Neanderthal Age.

The today's "democratization" Wars give OPEC and Caspian region pretexts (including wars-unrelated) to rise their crude oil prices, against the Global Economy and Poor People. Therefore, legal initiatives are necessary to counteract these pretexts, passing a message to both oil exporters and fuels taxation policy makers: the PPS project is rightly here. This means that our Employment Policy Makers must be ready to proceed our Transition to the PPS Age, passing the message to the today's oppressed islamic populations: We are not coming as crusaders in 14th century, we are coming as economic developers for your Nations. We need to co-exist with you, by exchanging soil and know-how: You supply the deserts, we supply our knowledge for clean water and food.

The military reprisals against Afghanistan or other Islamic Countries will NOT resolve the Terrorism Problem – regardless of any success(?) to change the Afghan political situation – because the reprisals bring new terror attacks, the Violence brings New Violence and so on. The Dead Civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq or else are not different from the Dead Civilians in Manhattan and hijacked airplanes, or trains in Madrid - Spain and London - England.

The Causes Of Terrorism are found on the Action against Ignorance and Poverty. This means LOW Cost Of Living with Rendering of Services to Poor People. In this way, the social infrastructure of every country Globally will gradually abate the motives of terrorism and other crimes in general, even if some terrorist actions seem to be religious-related. On this framework, the global financial institutions should pay closer attention to funding policies in developing countries, otherwise we face a never-ending war on terrorism. Some Economists say that a controversial policy of the International Monetary Fund drove to the Argentina Crisis in 2002 – while the India-Pakistan controversy occasionally becomes very critical, since these two countries obtained nuclear weapons in the late '90s.

Moreover, the Mass Media Globally have to be careful with regard to holy symbols, regardless of which religion beliefs these symbols belong to. So, the publishers of danish newspapers – instead of their offensive cartoons – had better focus their attention on the Inter-Cultural Communication for the Peak Oil Response by developing their Valdemar Poulsen Legacy; since without him, the PPS Society would not be feasible.

On the other hand, several new diseases (SARS epidemic among others) hit the People and Productivity. Even though the controversial SARS origin causes biowar suspicions, due to either western investments' foes or asian growth underminers, it is highly probable that the SARS virus to be related to our Polluted Environment. If the SARS emergence is one of the "prices" that we pay for our Civilization, then, we should re-think our Industrial Development under the Prism of our Way Of Living. It could mean that something wrong exists in this Development, while a vaccine seems to be far.

Besides, we should not "create" diseases and vaccines, but rather prevent them. Just as some World Health Organization Officials had declared, the SARS is not the last new disease we see in our lifetimes – poultry flu is a newcomer – and Openness now will save Lives, maintaining faith in economies in the long term. Think about the Sanitation Lack Conditions in Developing Nations, in Asia or other Continents (due to their financial inability to deal with the today's energy crisis).

The Time is running and it is just Matter Of Time for all of us, or our Posterity, to face strong environmental problems – because of the vast usage of fossil fuels – even if some scientists or meteorologists say that the Global Warming Impacts are either illusion or too far. But now with the Hurricane Katrina who says that the extreme cyclones are not greenhouse-related? And the global oil reserves Depletion (peak oil Age) constitutes a yet another one physical limit. Upon lawful approval, the PPS must be commercially available while the Information of the PPS project must be continuously available to the Public, as a protection of magnetic data storage Jobs and gas fuels avoidance. If necessary, the tapes fabrication process and relevant know-how should also become publicly available – if there ever is such need in the Future.

Low oil prices and/or oil wars prevention also constitute particular competence of this web site in association with the Anti-War Movement and Consumer Unions (see press release). During the recent history, there were at least two legal exertions about the oil prices: one, in 1998 when the average oil price was 13 USD per barrel and one, in November of 2001 (few days before the Enron collapse announcement) when the oil prices were dropped at 16 USD per barrel. Therefore, the legal authorities must have ready the Transition to the PPS Age.

The today's OPEC countries are not going to be oil exporters for ever. The oil resources have a finite life: peak production has already occurred and it gets worst with time. This means that when the today's oil exporters will need to become oil importers, then, the Time would be Right for the Commercialization of the PPS project – see Iranians' nuclear power program to meet their energy needs. Plus, other factors – either the today's absonant crude oil prices or unpredictable environmental worsening – may establish the PPS usage at any time soon.

Peacefully, I believe that an attention should be paid to the closed-door meetings of various energy task forces and the right of all U.S Presidents to receive advice without it being turned into a virtual news release. Such a case was the controversy between the U.S General Accounting Office and White House, considering that Enron executives participated in some of these closed-door meetings before the Enron collapse. Even though the Bush Administration has allowed the examination of documents related to some closed-door meetings of energy task forces, any such material might be altered or faked in order to hide the real purpose of various energy task forces e.g, possible undermining of the electronics' industries by financial means or other underhand ways.

For example, the real reason of Enron collapse (in late 2001) is the fact that the fuels industry failed to use the terrorist attacks for the undermining of the PPS project – while the destroyed documents by Arthur Andersen employees could contain information about illegal activities of Enron e.g, funding of optical recording media before 1997 or undermining of the tech sector after 1997 (including the dot-com burst and recession of early 2001).

In the middle of 1980's decade, the hard disc drives were capable to store data of the order decades of MegaBytes and there was a course for the GigaByte limit. Those days, the main competitive technology was the Compact Disc (CD-ROM) and the HDDs needed about 10 years to reach the GigaByte limit in 1997, when the DVD-RAM was first appeared. Nowadays, the hard disc drives are capable to store data of the order hundreds of GigaBytes and there is a course for the TeraByte limit. Currently, the main competitive technology is either the FMD-ROM or the holographic storage but who knows what will other technologies exist in the next decades, when the Data Storage Needs of our Posterity (if still there are civilized people) will be of order PetaBytes, ExaBytes or even more?

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