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Production  Of  Electric  Power  From  Magnetic Tapes

Innovation / Product Name:  Portable  Power  Supplies  (PPS)

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The current Climate Crisis GLOBALLY (heat waves, wild fires, floodings etc) REQUIRES Rapid Independency from the fossil fuels

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The Following Three Steps Do NOT Necessarily Represent The Thoughts Or Opinions Of ANY Industry Association Or Corporation. They Are Merely Author's Propositions.
Various Industry Groups Or Trade Unions May Have Their Own Lawful Trade Plan.


Primarily, the PPS will be introduced in the Energy Market in compact devices form, like the AC / DC adaptors and battery pack systems. At this point, we have withdrawal of conventional, rechargeable & alkaline batteries which are used in appliances such as clocks, portable audio / video devices, portable wireless phones, analog & digital camcorders, cameras, netbooks, laptop / notebooks, portable printers and so on. Thus, the Batteries Industry that is a branch of the Electrochemical Industry, will take the Expanding Market of electrolysis applications such as metals processing (both precious and non-), electrolytic refining of ferrous & non-ferrous recycled scrap materials, semi-finished products, jewellery commodities, aesthetics industry / medical purposes etc. To this point, these compact PPS are very useful for the recent needs of coronavirus, in remote areas with no electricity.


Then, the PPS will be introduced in the Energy Market in Portable Generators form, either single or three-phase generators (i.e. weight of order Kilograms and dimensions like a suitcase). At this point, we have shut down of the Electrical Utility Companies (Power Corporations) and withdrawal of the photovoltaic cells which are used in some Solar Power Plants and solar-powered devices. So, the Photovoltaics Industry will take the Expanding Market of Remote-Controlled Products, by exploiting the – similar to photovoltaics – photoelectric phenomenon of IR sensors like the today's stereos, TV sets, VCRs, DVD players etc. The first products with such demands are the Lighting Devices (i.e. fluorescent lamps, incandescent bulbs, big LEDs etc) since the power cables into the buildings' walls are not necessary. Concerning the high-speed home networking, telecom wires installation can be used (and fiber-optics instead of powerlines) although the home appliances connection to the Internet should be avoided, just for Security Precaution. The hackers hang around, as the mindless Internet Of Things grows. This means that we have to fix the Society first, and then, to proceed to "internet toys" (in decades horizon, if the fixing starts today).
This 2nd Step also applies to the Automobiles Industry, Construction Industry Equipment or other industrial equipment & machineries, with the Difference that the weight and dimensions of the Power Supplies do not constitute Portable Devices; they do only mobile power supplies (i.e. weight of about 20 (twenty) Kg and dimensions about 50x50x50 cm for DC power of about one hundred KiloWatts). And the current "electrification" process of the automotive industry, through Li-ion batteries, can be considered as a "precursor" of this invention.


Finally, the PPS will be introduced in the Energy Market as Components of the Global Home Appliances Industry or Any Industry, so that every Electric or Electronic Device contains built-in the required power for its operation. Especially for the watches, calculators, organizers or other thin mini devices that utilize Lithium batteries with very low power consumption, DC micro motors of low cost are required (i.e. motor height no more than 5 mm). The today's advanced mechatronics technology allows the development of such micro DC motors. In these applications, narrow magnetic tapes are useful (e.g, tape width no more than 4 mm, like the traditional audio tapes of the analogue compact cassettes). Also, specially designed ferrite heads (4 mm track width), similar to the DLT drive heads, are suitable to produce enough power (of order Watt) for the above mini thin devices. This power is necessary since many of the today's micro electronic devices combine Multimedia Technologies and multiple operations. For example, the smartphones, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDAs), Google Glass or common mobile phones belong to this category. Also, watch (or iWatch) and hands-free mobile phone with built-in speaker & microphone (without any external wires for avoidance of radiation hazards), combined in one flat device slightly larger than today's watches, is a yet another one gadget. The today's Lithium batteries are not suitable for such an application because they stand power consumption of order microwatt only (duration of order years).

By the above Three Steps, we accommodate the Changes between the Future Building Constructions & Appliances and today-made Buildings & Appliances so that the Today's Householders are not obliged to scrap their Equipment for new one. Thus, the 2nd & 3rd Step can proceed at the same time in order for:

1. The Photovoltaics Industry to already have its New Market Sector.
2. The Civil Engineers to easily design their Constructions according to the new standards, which will be exactly determined after the 1st Step.
The 1st Step solely requires that the Batteries Industry already has its New Market Sector. Thus, exclusively for the Electrochemical Industry, the Generators / Power Supplies of the 2nd Step are required.

In general, Any Trade / Business Strategy Of Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes implies that there are Two Main Social Impacts:
1.  Both Batteries & Photovoltaics Industries need to change Market Sector so that they continue to be viable, by exploiting physical principles similar to their today's activities.
2.  The Implosion of the Thermomechanics Industry drives to the Drastic Reduction of Working Time of Every Employee Globally, exploiting the Large Savings due to the Negligible Cost of Energy Production, so that the Today's Technicians, Engineers or Scientists of Thermomechanics Companies can be re-trained (with invested capital and time) for New Application Fields that result in New Employment Careers & Industrial Investment Opportunities.

Therefore, our Legal Authorities and Employment Policy Makers have to proceed a Jobs Transformation Act, which will bring the PPS to our daily lives. An International Court or the United Nations (UNO) can order this Transformation, pressed by the peak oil emergency, according to the Integrated Services to temporarily unemployed People. The Yellow Vests Movement in France (and Belgium) also constitutes a key factor. Please do "like" at even though you may not know greek language.

For example, if an Employee is involved in Mechanical Engineering, he or she can be re-trained for Mechatronics Applications or Mechanical Behavior of electric cars & vehicles in the Automotive Industry or any other Transportation Industry.
If another Employee is involved in Fuels / Chemical Engineering, he or she can also be re-trained for Galvanic Applications or New Polymer Materials, originating even from Environmental Recycling Products like the newly developed videocassette housings which are made using recycled plastic from Japan. But many of the today's plastic materials are not recyclable, because of their inexpedient (energy-related) processing costs. The petroleum or derivative materials will continue to be utilizable, in much less quantities, as raw materials for the Adhesives & Plastics Industry or Pharmaceutical / Medical Industry, unless other techniques are going to be developed in the Future. Similarly, the lubricant materials & oils will continue to be utilizable, in much less quantities, as service accessories for maintenance of the various Electric Motors Globally, since the mechanical parts wear of electric motors is very low in relation to the wear of thermal motors.
The Today's Fuel Distributors (e.g, owners of gasoline stations) can also be re-trained to sell the New Electricity Products such as multimedia devices or other portable appliances, as a result of Agreement with the Today's Distributors of similar products.
Likewise, the Today's Distributors of Automotive Spare Parts or Technicians of Garages can be re-trained to assemble and sell the new electric cars to End-Users, since the Structure of the Electric-Powered Automotive Market will be as the today's PCs Market where the End-Users choose themselves their desired parts (e.g, graphics card, sound card, motherboard, CPU etc). So, when a Customer buys an electric car or motorcycle, he or she will choose the desired chassis & motor along with power supply, tyres, instruments panel, seats or saddle type, roaming / navigation card (e.g, GPS), telematics equipment etc. Thus, the Car Makers will be making, testing and forwarding the various automotive parts to their Representatives / Distributors for the final assembly upon Customers' demands, like the today's Computers Industry & Market that became prosperous compared to the previous decades.

The failure of dot-com businesses was not related to the Computers Industry since the Internet Growing does not rely only on the e-commerce applications, which notedly face a strong Consumers distrust regarding the transaction safety issues through credit card numbers etc. The Internet mainly represents an Information Exchange Tool. In spite of the occasionally low spending on tech goods, the prospects of the IT Industry are undoubted.

And according to various chemical studies, the "environmental weight" of microchips far exceeds their small size. The studies say that the required fossil fuels and chemicals for the production processes of IT goods, contribute potential pollution impacts on local air, water and soil. It is highly considered that these studies are a yet another one good reason for all of us to move towards a Post-Oil Age, with a consent of OPEC governments. Also, considering the Electronic Wastes Problem (E-Trash) as an energy-related problem, effective methods of e-wastes recycling can be gradually developed so that the today's discarded equipment, used monitors, PCBs or mobile phone wastes can be either re-usable or safely dismounted. Extension of computers lifespan is also a key-target.

And if the call cost of mobile telephones goes cheap enough (supported by the negligible energy cost which affects directly the operational costs of Telcos' Services), the computer unit which is placed on each car, bus, truck etc constitutes a Mobile Internet Server or Terminal. In this way, every electric vehicle can use the mobile telephone networks by exploiting the low manufacturing cost (including power supply) of these vehicles. So, even with the computer unit addition, the total manufacturing cost of electric vehicles is significantly less than today's thermal vehicles' manufacturing cost. Besides, the higher reliability of the electric-powered vehicles results in fewer recalls & more savings for the automobile manufacturers and better work conditions for the Employees. However, the internet usage should NOT BE expanded to the drive control of ANY vehicle BECAUSE OF the hackers ability to take over REMOTELY the car driving. This means that the pedals operation, air-condition unit, ABS sensors, windscreen wipers etc MUST BE independent from the vehicle infotainment systems.

Regarding the traffic, specially designed narrow cars, combining the motorcycles' compact size and cars' stability, can be made for the needs of traffic-jammed Big Cities where for every moving car there is only one or two passengers, although the usage of public transportation means is more fitting solution for this problem. Because even if there are narrow cars (e.g, 85 cm width maximum) equipped with GPS card, 4G / 5G mobile phones or equivalent next generation mobile phones, Wi-Fi, the traffic problem remains due to lack of free parking except only for sparsely populated areas. So, the private vehicles or new roads can not be a viable solution for the traffic-jam problems of the 21st Century's Big Cities. Thus, the public transportation systems (including "drag and drop" vehicles) constitute the only known feasible solution for both traffic-jam and parking problems. Moreover, the very low operational costs (energy & maintenance) of the electric-powered vehicles and subways can even eliminate the fare need in the public transportation systems since these systems offer very powerful advertising abilities, by utilizing conventional screens, LCD or plasma display panels. So, the owners of public transportation means can be advertisers-supported, eliminating the fare for the passengers and exploiting the very large volume of transported people. The flying cars also constitute a promising solution for traffic-jam problems.

Regarding the noiseless operation of the Electric Vehicles, that contributes to Pedestrians Inattention during the walking, it is suggested that external loudspeakers perform various noises (e.g, the today's thermal motors sound). I make this notice, because it is happened to me. Traditional (batteries inside) electric-powered scooters run aside me. The sidewalk has obstacles and/or slippy substances. However, I live near the downtown of Athens - Greece (densely populated area) and this condition may not be applied for you, especially if you live in sparsely populated area.

The prospects & advantages for the Railway Industry due to extremely cheap electric power are Unrivalled, since any private vehicle can not reach safely 300 or 400 Km/h which is a common speed for the today's advanced electric trains. Higher speeds could be achieved by implementing magnetic levitation trains, although the maglev trains technology appears some technical barriers relevant to track infrastructure. This results in very high construction costs, while the China achievement to build a maglev transport system in Shanghai area was probably put aside by the SARS misfortune in this country. A different approach of high-speed railway concerns the aerotrain, exploiting the wings-on-ground phenomenon. In any case, the negligible electric power cost widely reduces the operational costs of high-speed trains although there is not any transportation mean with absolute safety or infallible operation.

Even the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) such as computerized vehicles and automated driverless metro schemes, always rely on the Human Factor that is completely imponderable. An additional factor concerns the unknown issue of interference between the Ground Antennas of mobile phone companies and cars' electronic systems such as air-bag sensors or ABS control (EMI Effect In Vehicles). The transmission power of a mobile phone itself is too low to interfere with any cars system but this does not mean that there is not interference with the Base Stations (Ground Antennas), if they are installed near the streets, avenues or highways. The Health Issues of Base Stations are another controversial matters. In combination with the Mobile Entertainment & Fast Wireless Internet Services, the EMI effect in all transportation means must be solved in order for the ITS to be a reliable solution for both increased safety and faster transport.

The drones / UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) as well as the robotics industry or other artificial intelligence (AI) devices, can also benefit from this invention. However, the actor and actress Jobs are very important because these Professions protect the Magnetic Head Manufacturers. This means that we have to put a bridle in the generative AI which destroys the cinema industry. See the Artists' strikes against the Hollywood studios, due to the Copyright conflict.

The Segway Human Transporter (former Ginger) or Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs) can also be helpful for urban transport if the People feel safe with them, but the motorcycles probably are much more unsafe than segways & PMDs. News reports had said that there was a trend to outlaw the segways in some U.S Cities, mainly for Pedestrians Security reasons. But then, this situation could be temporary only – while the recalls of 2003, related to discharged batteries, do NOT make sense for the PPS Era.

The Marine Transportation Industry can also benefit from the Negligible Cost Of Electric Energy Production, by developing electric-powered vessels & wingships fast enough to compete the aircrafts, exploiting either the WIG technology or resembling techniques that allow speeds of 500 Km/h and more.

The Employees of other Renewable Energy Businesses, such as Wind Power Plants or Wind Energy Marketplaces, can be easily re-trained to participate in the Production & Distribution process of portable & mobile power supplies because the Employees' Expertness of wind energy Jobs is not far from the basic Electrical Engineering knowledge which is applied to the PPS technology. In addition, the number of wind energy businesses Globally is easily assimilable with the general electricity businesses which have Large Application Fields in the Electric Vehicle Markets, by utilizing the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes.

The Benefits of the Negligible Energy Cost are not limited to the Industrial Applications; they are expanded to Agricultural Cultivations of areas which are not cultivable now because of their inappropriate climate conditions, including desert areas, allowing us to select the desired temperature & relative humidity for every cultivation. The Operational Costs Of Desalination Systems of the sea water become also negligible. These two factors (cheap pure drinkable water and temperature & RH selection ability) constitute the Basis for every conventional crop, without the risk of using genetically modified seeds, which allegedly do not require enough water or regulated temperature. The today's drought (due to the global warming) as well as the wild fires in Russia (in the summer of 2010) show the way to wheat and corn (maize) cultivation, to feed the Hungry around the World (Sahara Cultivation). This prospect becomes urgent in our days, due to the Food Crisis caused by the Russia / Ukraine War.

Regarding the Drought Crisis of 2015 in California, as well as in India in Summer of 2019, where the local legislation forces water savings, the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes can be used for the desalination of the sea water. Further, the current floodings hit disproportionately the Poor Populations (mainly in Africa), creating civil violence.

In addition, the infrastructure and operation of the above Facilities require extensive Outdoor Heat Transfer expertness & coolers know-how, which can be partially provided by the today's Technicians & Engineers of solar water heaters and other outdoor heating / cooling systems.

So, New Application Fields are opened up for coastal countries with little rainfall, including the today's petroleum-producing countries which are mostly located in either desert or hot areas without germination. All the above Industrial & Agricultural Capabilities drive to the Self-Reliant Growing of the today's OPEC countries. This Growing is originating from New Alliances based on the Informatics Technology and Food Industry, bringing together Africa, Middle East and Central Asia by leaving behind us the peak oil supply and biofuels starvation.

Even the Segment of Aero-Spatial Applications, which constitute a domain of the fuels industry, might be boosted by other magnetic or electric propulsion technologies, safer and more reliable than today's spaceships. The most promising propulsion technology maybe is the system that combines gravity generation from magnetic field and sequential navigation according to external magnetic fields, but the descriptions of such technologies do not constitute competence of this web site. This site mainly concerns Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes and Impacts on our World Industrial Society.

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