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Production Of Electric Power From Magnetic Tapes

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Dear Sirs and Madams:

My name is Basil Dimitropoulos. I am graduate Electrical Engineer with specialization in Magnetic Recording Applications.

The following presentation constitutes Questions and Answers with respect to the Production Of Electric Power From Magnetic Tapes. The Product Name of this electromotive system / device is Portable Power Supplies (PPS) – see press release. A brief report concerning the Web Presence of this project is also presented.


Are the Portable Power Supplies free energy devices or perpetual motion machines?

Why is the output power of the playback head or heads more than required power for the tape motion?

How is the above Energy found in a magnetic tape and why does NOT the tapes fabrication require such huge amounts of Energy?

Why are the output voltage and current of the playback head(s) as high as of order volt and ampere, respectively?

Why does NOT the tape decelerate when a current flows into the playback head, as occurs when a permanent magnet passes over a coil?

Why does NOT the induced current demagnetize the tape?

Why is the output of the playback head(s) nearly like the Direct Current?

Why can not we use a 1/2" belt (instead of tape) consisting of permanent magnets (rectangular triangles-shaped, like the tape magnetic transcript of the sawtooth wave e.g, 1 cm & 5 cm for the two vertical sides of the rectangular triangles)?

Why can not we use a Transformer to supply the sawtooth waveform at the primary coil so that we have Direct Current at the secondary coil?

How is the maximum back-magnetomotive force possible (300A) of the playback head calculated?

Does the friction between the tape and head(s) affect the required power for the tape motion?

Is the motor accelerating for ever IF the output voltage of the playback head is higher than input voltage of the motor?

Can we have adjustable output voltage?



Are the Portable Power Supplies free energy devices or perpetual motion machines?

Nothing is perpetual, even the Universe. In practice, the output power of an Electromotive Device depends on either the input power of that Device (e.g, a Generator) or the Energy which is stored within the Device (e.g, a Battery). Also, the Nuclear Reactors produce much power for years but they are not perpetual. The same with the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes, with the Difference that the output power of a Prototype Playback Head (1/2 inch width) is of order Watt, not MegaWatt. Actually, the "free energy" term is very misunderstood because the Energy Is Into The Matter and the Universe Has Too Much Matter. Even the fuels – either solid or liquid or gas – are free in the Nature, but because of the Human Mediation, they have cost for us; the Residents of this Planet.

Why is the output power of the playback head or heads more than required power for the tape motion?

The Energy which is stored – in Magnetic Field form – into the Space of a magnetic tape is of the order Thousands of Billions of Joule because EACH magnetic particle has its own Hysteresis Loop which conveys the compression of the Energy into the Space (Tesla x Ampere/metre = Joule/cubic metre). This is the Scientific/Theoretical explanation of why the output power of the playback head(s) is much more than input power of the motor which moves the tape.

How is the above Energy found in a magnetic tape and why does NOT the tapes fabrication require such huge amounts of Energy?

The required Energy for the particles magnetization does not have ANY relation with the Energy which is stored into the Space of a magnetic tape BECAUSE the Hysteresis Loop is a Fundamental Property of any magnetic material and it does NOT have any relation with the required power for the Fabrication of Magnetic Materials.

Why are the output voltage and current of the playback head(s) as high as of order volt and ampere, respectively?

The output voltage of the playback head is of order volts because of the Faraday's Law while the voltage drop into the head is extremely small because of the very low impedance of the playback head (of order milliOhm).

Why does NOT the tape decelerate when a current flows into the playback head, as occurs when a permanent magnet passes over a coil?

The Difference is the Cause of the Induced Current, because of the Lenz's Law: The induced current flows always in such a direction as to oppose the change causing it. In the case of a permanent magnet, the change is the magnet motion; while in the case of a magnetic tape, the change is the magnetic transcript into the tape coating. So, the induced current tries to Demagnetize the tape, through the front gap of the playback head.

Why does NOT the induced current demagnetize the tape?

In order for the induced current to demagnetize the tape, the coercive force at the front gap of the playback head must be higher than tape coercivity. The tape coercivity is entirely different from particle coercivity. So, if the coercive force at the gap is extremely high, the magnetic transcript into the tape coating is being destroyed (erasure mode) and the tape, not the particles, needs magnetization again (recording mode).

Why is the output of the playback head(s) nearly like the Direct Current?

Because of the Derivation of the Magnetic Flux over the Time (Sawtooth Waveform).

Why can not we use a 1/2" belt (instead of tape) consisting of permanent magnets (rectangular triangles-shaped, like the tape magnetic transcript of the sawtooth wave e.g, 1 cm & 5 cm for the two vertical sides of the rectangular triangles)?

Because in this case, the wavelength is 1 cm. So, if the number of turns of the laminated ring-shaped head is 100 then the required belt speed is 2.36 m/s at least, if we want 12 V output voltage (assuming that the induction of the permanent magnets is 0.8 Tesla). The proper belt speed depends on the head efficiency (depending on the gap depth and length). The gap depth must be 5 cm at least; if it is shallower than 5 cm then the magnetic flux of the permanent magnets will saturate the head core at the poles area (the non-linearity up to 0.8 Tesla is a different problem that is soluble). Concerning the gap length, if it is shorter than 1 mm then the head efficiency becomes low, while if it is longer than 1 cm then the coercive force of the back-magnetomotive force at the poles area becomes too risky to the magnets coercivity, that depends on the Demagnetization Curve of the permanent magnets.
Given that the belt weighs much more than tape and plastic drum, it is concluded that the required power for the belt motion becomes inexpediently high.

Why can not we use a Transformer to supply the sawtooth waveform at the primary coil so that we have Direct Current at the secondary coil?

A Transformer does not store Energy. Whatever current flows into the secondary coil, there is aftermath at the primary coil. So, the back-magnetomotive force of the secondary coil opposes the magnetomotive force of the primary coil, compelling it to consume power from the source.

How is the maximum back-magnetomotive force possible (300A) of the playback head calculated?

The maximum back-magnetomotive force possible of the playback head depends on the tape coercivity. The coercive force at the gap is calculated from the Ampere's Circuit Law, so the maximum allowable back-magnetomotive force is 300A or more. The exact value depends on both imponderable factors and non-, such as fabricating tolerance of the front gap due to glass bonding process, biasing during the recording process, nominal front gap length, reproducing frequency, tape type etc.

Does the friction between the tape and head(s) affect the required power for the tape motion?

NO, because of:
 The contact area between the tape and head(s) is very little and smooth.
2.  The pressure of each head onto the tape is very slight due to the foamy plastic material onto the drum.
So, even if there are many heads round the drum (62 mm diameter), the total friction forces between the tape and heads are trivial in relation to the force of mini DC motor (e.g, 6V / 0.3A).

Is the motor accelerating for ever IF the output voltage of the playback head is higher than input voltage of the motor?

NO, because when the reproducing frequency reaches the Ferrimagnetic Resonance of the head core, then the core permeability is abruptly reduced, so the output voltage of the playback head is also reduced and the motor is tended to slow down, even if the tape coercivity is very high (inconstancy mode). This is why the output voltage of the playback head and the input voltage of the motor must be equal (there is a tolerance of about 0.3V, depending on the motor construction).

Can we have adjustable output voltage?

Yes we can. If a Customer wants adjustable output voltage (0 - 12V) then we are using two playback heads, one for the motor (constant output voltage) and one for the load, using tracking adjustment so that the output voltage of the 2nd playback head is lower than voltage of best tracking, although the 1st playback head may have constant poor tracking if this is desirable (e.g, 12V best tracking, 6V poor tracking).


Are there samples available?

I Demonstrate my invention using Standardized Ferrite Tape Heads Of Longitudinal Recording Format (e.g, Digital Linear Tape Drive Heads). Because of the Security Problems, it is not possible to locate a Manufacturer or Supplier of such heads. Thus, I put the Relevant Information on the World Wide Web so that Anyone does not have Security Problems. A legal support to the Sample Makers can be provided – for humanitarian purposes – as I refer in the Cooperation Status of Project Description page. The natural disasters such as the tsunamis-hit in Asia earthquake, the sea level rise (no matter how), meteorites fall, asteroids crash, comets etc as well as the severe climate conditions around the Globe, also pertain to humanitarian use.

Is it patented?

Because of the Fuels Smuggling Interests, specified in the Project History page, No One gives Patent for the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes. After overcoming of the mentioned Interests, one of the biggest Achievements since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, it can be specifically patented – or simply unpatented like the Web invention. The peak oil emergency and Environment Protection Policy make the governments to support a wide range of electricity products, including the PPS. In order for other energy products to compete this invention, they must be as cheap, practical, clean and safe energy sources as the PPS in all of their forms: from thin flat PPS for RAM chips, to mobile power supplies for the Transportation Industry and factories equipment – see Business Plan to realize the post-oil Age.

Why is the project's information available on the Internet since it is Confidential?

Confidential means that I am the Author of this Censored information, thus I am obliged to publish it myself. Actually, the illegal funding to optical storage is the cause of this publishing. After the Assaults against United States, it is proven that some energy industry executives are involved in these horrible attacks. The Mass Media seem to be controlled by the above Interests. I say seem because I gained some days publicity from a local newspaper (paid ads). Well, a way that we can make public this project / invention is the World Wide Web. The more the web sites that link to this site, the easier the way that we inform the People about the PPS. Web-Based press releases from any Publishers are also useful. So, supposing that there is not news support from mass media (the paid ads campaign is different story), the packaging of the shipped PPS will be indicating the URL address of the following solutions for the temporary unemployment due to the PPS: for the english version and for the greek marketplace.

What are the Integrated Solutions for the Unemployment due to the PPS?

These Solutions concern:

1.  The Large Savings due to Negligible Energy Cost. This implies Very Important Reduction of Production Costs of any Product or Service. So, the Cost Of Living becomes very low, resulting among others in Free Services to temporarily unemployed People (i.e. full board service which is totally impossible with the today's peak oil economy).
2.  The above Savings allow the Reduction of Working Time so that additional number of Employees can work at the same Job, providing Spare Time for the Amenities of Life. In addition, there are Too Many Industrial Applications which are not in use now, because they are Inexpediently Energy-Consuming (e.g, Galvanic Applications or Recycling Industry).
3.  New Portable Devices will be available in the Market e.g, wearable advertising video, warmable clothes, compact wearable fans etc. Especially for e-clothing applications (electronic clothes), LCD or light emitting polymer screens can be used so that there is not any distrust regarding the Health Issues.

The above Solutions constitute the Legal Basis for the oil-to-PPS Transition and I am seeking to talk this matter at large, but for purposes of clarity, we need a Conference for this Discussion so that there are Spokesmen of all interesting parties (Thermomechanics Industry, Magnetic Recording Industry, Semiconductors Industry, Optical Storage Industry etc). The Impact is that:
The Solid State Drives (SSDs) as well as the Rewritable Optical Media such as DVD+RW, DVD-RW & DVD-RAM (Phase Change Technology) and memristors threaten the Jobs of the Magnetic Recording Industry and the Portable Power Supplies threaten the Jobs of the Thermomechanics Industry. Thus, my opinion is that the above Industry Parties must accommodate the Two Conflicting Marketplaces / Market Sectors: Energy Market & Information Storage Market. A deeper presentation is available.

What are the solutions for a hackers-free Society?

We will need some decades, after the PPS introduction in our daily lives, in order for the future hackers around the world to be born in a Global Society with Fair Distribution of the Wealth (regardless of religious issues or today's regimes). This condition implies that the hackers may be able to destroy crucial infrastructure, yet pervasive happiness among people may prevent them. I proceed in this update because I read on January 28th of 2018, in a greek reliable newspaper, that Trump government was planning to FIRST attack with nuclear weapons against hackers globally. So, I am very concerned with it.

About  The  Project's  Web  Presence

The endeavor for Large Publicity regarding this project essentially began few months after its upload on the World Wide Web, because those days (February '97) I was not familiar with the Internet. In particular:

On May 12, 1997 I tried to publish my project on the Usenet but I experienced the Censorship of Dejanews that controlled the Newsgroups (web-based news reading). I sent to Dejanews an introductory article whose Subject was Production Of Electric Power From Magnetic Tapes and they posted it only for a short while since they deleted it almost immediately (the Newsgroups in which I posted my article were: alt.inventors,,, misc.entrepreneurs,,, sci.physics and However, one month later (June 11, 1997) I sent them again the introductory article and that time, they did not delete it. There were Internet Users who claimed that they do not understand my project. Thus, on June 18, 1997 I sent a responded article (follow-up) to an abusive article. In my response, I kindly invited the author of the abusive article to Demonstrate him in public my invention in order to overcome the Security Problems. So, the persons Behind-The-Scenes thought to stop me using smear-campaign. They Failed. Those days (June - July of 1997), many Persons around the World made samples using either Prototypes or Standardized Magnetic Heads but the Security Problems remained because Dejanews did not post 4 (Four) responded articles which I sent them on July 1, 1997 although I sent them the E-Mail Confirmation that they asked (as my previous 3 articles). In those 4 responses, I notified the pressing need for Large Publicity regarding the Portable Power Supplies.

For The Above Censorship, The Fuels Smuggling Interests Are Responsible,  NOT The Personnel Of Dejanews.

The Direct Access to Usenet was not accessible to me because this Access requires PC ownership (access to News Servers). I was accessing the Internet using Computers of a Non-Profit Public Benefit Foundation. Thus, I should try the Direct Access to Usenet.

In the long run, I acquired own PC. So, on August 4, 1998 I tried again to publish my project on the Usenet, by using primarily the News Server of my ISP and afterwards, Publicly Accessible News Servers (now the Newsgroups were: alt.inventors, alt.inventorworld,, sci.electronics.components,,, sci.electronics.misc, sci.electronics.basics, sci.physics.electromag, sci.physics and sci.engr.manufacturing). I posted an introductory article whose Subject was Re: Production Of Electric Power From Magnetic Tapes (the "Re:" prefix was for the background as described above). In the next five days, there were again Internet Users (more than forty) who claimed that they do not understand my project. I kindly replied to all of them and invited Everyone to Demonstrate in public my invention. But this time, there was not Audience at all. Why? Because the persons Behind-The-Scenes trapped my PC, so while I thought that there are articles (follow-ups) on the Usenet regarding this Subject, the other Internet Users, the People who read Usenet did not have any idea concerning my invention. The trapping concerns:

1. Access To News Server(s).
2. Submitted Queries, in cgi-form, To Dejanews, Altavista, Infoseek and Lycos.
3. Browsing Of Newsgroups (link clicks, html pages) On The Site Of Dejanews.

After discussion of the above Matter with Internet Service Providers here in Athens - Greece, there are two alternative ways for this trapping.
1. Whoever knows my IP address (dynamic) each time I was making dial-up, he can interfere ANY Internet Service without the Servers' Administrators (of either ISPs or Search Engines) know anything.
2. The Administrators of the various News or Web Servers Globally must know my IP address each time I was making dial-up, so that they deceive me using proper software.

Given that I put in Netscape Collabra more than twenty News Servers (located Globally), it is almost impossible for their Administrators to know anything about my PC's trapping. In addition, the Web Servers' Administrators of those days' Popular Search Engines (Altavista, Infoseek*, Lycos) would never accept to do such thing since it is against the Growing Of The Internet. Thus, only the first of the above two ways is feasible.

So, the trapping of my PC is done by the Carrier Provider which is the Hellenic Telecommunications Organization. After discussion with Executives Of The Organization, there is not Telecom Service (cost-effective) suitable for counteraction of such trappings. Considering that I can not control my Telephone Line, it is impossible to access the Internet with Reliability (participation to Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs, Listservers, Mailing Lists, Public Discussion Forums etc). This means that the ADSL is useless for my home. However, I got an ADSL connection for other non-PPS related activities.

Even if I send again an article to Dejanews for posting, there is not guarantee that they will post it, even though nowadays Google Inc. has acquired significant assets and the Usenet Discussion Service of (former Dejanews).

Before 2000, the persons Behind-The-Scenes were creating Safety Problems to my Candidate Partners only, not directly to me. Currently, those persons create to me Telecom Problems as above and may want to do harm on the Web Server or domain name at any time. Concerning the hacking, my previous web hosting provider clarified me that this offence was committed on the ground of United States of America. This means that Greece does not have jurisdiction. Therefore, I am requesting through the Internet that a USA Prosecutor (nearby the location of hacked Web Server) proceeds against the hackers for the mentioned penal offence. This process should also indicate IF the hackers were PAID OR INSTIGATED by the fuels industry.

However, my current web hosting provider has its Servers located in Greece. This means that my Country has jurisdiction in a case of a NEW hacking. Given that I suffer from "psychotic syndrome" (see below), the Greek Legal Authorities may be RELUCTANT to proceed against the prospective hackers. Therefore, the fuels industry may be inclined to hack my web site IMPUDENTLY. Only time will tell. And why did I change web hosting provider? Because the previous one terminated its business in 2018.

Moreover, the damage of my emotional distress has been aggravated due to the local gas deception (criminal offences). However, the Supreme Court Of Greece decided in 2010 that the natural gas can NOT come to Greece as in the rest Europe. This decision has somehow relieved me. On August 10th of 2006, a local greek prosecutor gave the order to confine me with the pretext of "psychotic syndrome". Even though I was released on October 16th of 2006, the greek authorities can re-confine me at any time WITHOUT prior notice.

I am also proceeding to ways of political action. This action is necessary BECAUSE a Lawyer had verbally told me that my compensation requires Political Order. So, I am trying to form a political party to influence the Greek Public Opinion and bring the PPS on the storeshelves, by the Legal Argument that the peak oil age has already come. Please note that any updates of this web site may be subject to Court counsel or Prosecutor advice. I will clearly mention which update is due to Legal Intervention. So far, all updates are made according to my constitutional rights. I kindly ask you to do "like" at even though many of you do not speak greek.

After the Biden election, the above constitutional rights may or may not be in danger because of military Dictatorship Hazard in Greece – see the bottom of Legal Activism page. This means that this WHOLE web site may goes OFF (under military law). The Troika (or Quartet) has now been usurped by the expensiveness and high living cost, while the greek salaries do not follow the Inflation (related to high energy prices). So, ONLY an elected PPS government can free the greek people from the resulted Austerity.

A sort of austerity is also applied to France. See the Yellow Jackets (or Vests) Movement, protesting (among others) for the HIGH energy prices (along with heavy fuels taxation) AND the consequent High Living Cost Index. So, I sent this text message to a mediator on-line form, at (Party for Socialism and Liberation), on November 26th of 2018. Further, I post the same text message on a Facebook comments page (from the english version of my fb account), by typing Yellow Jackets France as keywords (in the search bar), on December 12th of 2018. As you can understand, we need to communicate with this Movement, in order to bring the PPS on the marketplace (even though the movement now seems to be related to far-right wings or anti-vaccination campaigns).

Concerning the COVID-19 Pandemic, the suspicions are going to Russia (and Gazprom) because this country had (until early April of 2020) too few coronavirus cases to its Population and Geographical Area. The Mass Media say that the russian authorities managed to stop the mass spread of coronavirus due to early response measures – such as shutting down its 2,600-mile border with China as early as January 30, and setting up quarantine zones. WELL, HOW DID the Russians KNOW the new virus DANGER so EARLY??? By any chance, DID they CAUSE it??? Do they have the antidote??? Please note that NOW that we see increased cases in Russia, AFTER the initial update (March 25th of 2020), IT MEANS that the russian government is IN PANIC and tries to DISORIENTATE the LEGAL RESEARCH against them.

AND the consequent russian invasion in Ukraine, DISORIENTATES the above legal research (about the coronavirus origin). Given that I have many Colleagues in United States and China (magnetic data storage businesses and organizations), I worry about their Health Situation. The vaccines are not mandatory now (neither they seem to work enough).

The Energy Market Deregulation slows down in general, for similar reasons around the World. In the United States for example, criticism says that the deregulation process favours the modernized generating plants which shove power into the grid, stepping aside its limits. Moreover, there is intense concern with the Safety Issues of Aging nuclear power plants. Various reports have repeatedly said that the electricity deregulation has forced some nuclear plant owners to cut costs by eliminating safety tests. The same enforcement is also applied to other regions including the today's European Union Countries and UK. And if the EU remains united, Russia or other former USSR countries will enter it in the Future. Obviously, the electric power markets deregulation does NOT make sense IF the Chernobyl Nightmare – back in 1986 – is going to return due to profits squeeze. The Russia / Ukraine War also causes Nuclear Instability (see the Zaporizia case, among others). This means that the Global Judicial Officials ARE THE PERSONS IN CHARGE OF protecting us from a Nuclear Holocaust (they are paid from us, the tax payers worldwidely).

In conjuncture, some people believe that the Chernobyl Accident was fabricated(!) – given the mental conditions of this incident (all the reactor safety systems were off due to a strange experiment or unusual tests), causing the reactor core to be exposed to the atmosphere. These unforgivable conditions inspired some people to thought in the early '90s that the Chernobyl Catastrophe was a terrible trick to undermine the nuclear industry, paving the way for the End Of Cold War and energy markets deregulation. Moreover, before 1986, almost no one was against the electricity production from nuclear power – after 1986, the nuclear power advocates have reasonably been disappeared (despite any mindless renaisance scenarios). But then, so much malice for profit? Who knows? The common sense is that if the arms race of the '80s was continuing in the '90s then we would probably not exist today. This means that a new arms race, for the "war on terror" and ukrainian war this time, could set the Human Kind in the same Jeopardy as the Cold War Age.

Optimistically, sooner or later, either the strong environmental needs or the peak oil supply or a combination of these and other unpredictable factors will eventually form political frame, resulting in peaceful establishment of the PPS usage in our daily lives. As long as I am able and have internet connection, I will maintain this web site by making updates according to the News Consequences (assuming that there will NOT be military dictatorship), or other important items, such as political / advertising efforts (mainly in greek language). When I pass away, I kindly request that another Persons, either Magnetic Recording Companies or a Group of Individuals here in Greece, take over the maintenance of this web site.

Thank you.


Basil Dimitropoulos
Electrical Engineer
104 - 106 Kremou Street, Kallithea, Athens 176-76  GREECE
1st E-Mail:  –  2nd E-Mail:
TEL:  +30 69 80 59 46 01

* indicates that before 1999, Infoseek was considered as one of the most popular search engines (it was acquired by Walt Disney Internet Group). Altavista Company was acquired by Overture Services Inc. which in turn was acquired by Yahoo. Please note that those days there was more democracy on the Web, in comparison with the today's Google monopoly and social media chaos.

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