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Upload Date On The World Wide Web: February 18, 1997
Dear Sirs and Madams:

My name is Basil Dimitropoulos. I am graduate Electrical Engineer with specialization in Magnetic Recording Applications.

I am seeking Political Support / Legal Protection regarding an Energy Product which is very competitive to the various batteries, accumulators, photo-voltaic cells etc.

The following information has been stamped as Confidential by some oil industry executives and such executives are involved in the Assaults against United States. Publication of this information in the Mass Media (Press, Magazines, Broadcasting, Scientific / Technical Journals etc) could be done in accordance with the expected Legal Settlement between the fuels industry and the Rest of Us.

The required knowledge for the understanding of this information concerns Electronic Applications in regard to Magnetic Recording Of Signals Onto Magnetic Tape.

To come to the point, my project is the production of Portable Power Supplies (PPS). For the needs of this product, it is necessary a special kind of Magnetic Heads that is not available in a Standardized Form. As a matter of fact, a New Product Development is necessary. This Development concerns Custom Design Ferrite Tape Heads.

I suggest the along-the-tape fulltrack recording format   (longitudinal recording),  using a VHS videocassette. The tape speed is 1 m/s (nominal) and the magnetic tape is moving into the VHS videocassette meaning that the tape motion is linear, like the audio applications, with a foamy plastic material behind the tape at the head / tape point (see Fig. 1). The recording frequency is 1 MHz (nominal).



In the sequel, I set to you the basic physical principles of my project which concerns recording of the sawtooth wave onto magnetic tape. Therefore, the reproducing current is nearly like the Direct Current. In particular:

In the traditional applications of magnetic recording, we have the positive and negative half-period of the sine wave (see Fig. 2a) while in my project the period of the sawtooth wave has only positive values (see Fig. 2b). This condition allows us to use the whole linear section for the positive values of the sawtooth wave meaning that the induction B is more than twice the RMS value of the sine wave. In audio applications of course, we have larger linear section – due to the ultrasonic bias current – but we have also very significant self-demagnetization losses due to the field alternation of the magnetic particles. In my project, if we use HF bias current, these losses will be even larger due to: 1. The higher frequency, 2. The close adjacency of the opposite magnetic particles. This is why we must use DC (not HF) bias current.


The output voltage of a playback head depends on the tape permanent magnetic flux [Φr] (depending on track width), reproducing frequency [fp], number of turns [N] and efficiency factor [n].

In audio applications, we have Φr of order nWb, fp of order KHz, N of the order hundreds and n about 0.3. These result in EMF of order mV.

In video applications, we have fp of order MHz but we have also very small N due to winding self-capacitance and very low Φr due to very small track width (49 μm in VHS).

My project combines mainly the higher Φr due to wider recording track (1/2 inch), fp of order MHz and the higher n due to non-short wavelengths – there are not opposite magnetic particles as in sine wave – (see Fig. 3). This means that, after the recording mode, the tape magnetic particles will have much higher retentivity and coercivity than specifications of the magnetic tape manufacturers; the force of cohesion between the tape magnetic particles becomes very strong.


Given that there are not initial magnetization curves, based on the above conditions, of any magnetic tape, I do not have specific information about the recording signal level; both recording and bias current. As a matter of fact, these characteristics will be determined after the manufacturing of the Magnetic Heads.

However, you may have a test using a standardized ferrite head (e.g, data tape head, either 1/4 or 1/2 inch tape). You will see that the output voltage of this head is much higher than RMS value of sinusoidal recording. The recording process is as follows:

We consider that there is not distortion due to non-linearity of the magnetization curve concerned the ferrite core because, in magnetic recording applications, the recording signals into the core are very low; about 10 milliTesla or less.

The voltage waveform on the coil winding must be trapezoid so that the current waveform is sawtooth (see Fig. 4). We may use a Blocking Oscillator like those in TV yokes (deflection coils) but the IC which leads the oscillation must be different from such applications because in my project we have 1 MHz recording frequency. For example, the IC 555 is proper in frequencies of order KHz, not MHz.



In the traditional applications of magnetic recording (analogue storage), the waveforms of the recording signal are sinusoidal. Therefore, the waveforms of the playback signal are identical with the recording waveforms – the derivative of the sin(x)dx is cos(x). Given that the internal impedance of the standardized playback heads is high due to the high frequency current, it is concluded that the current of such a playback head is little.

My project concerns recording and reproduction of non-sinusoidal and non-exponential waveforms. Therefore, the waveform of the reproducing current is different from the recording waveform. In this case, the reactance (XL) of the playback head does not obey the relation XL=jω*L because this relation is only for periodic functions whose values depend on time continuously. In other words, the "connection" between the angular frequency (ω) and self-inductance coefficient (L) is different from the usual applications. This results in very low impedance meaning that a large current can pass through the playback head winding – the internal impedance of the playback head becomes very low. So, the coilwire diameter of Playback Heads for the PPS must be large with respect to the coilwire diameter of standardized magnetic heads. In the sequel, I specify the technical characteristics of the required Prototypes Magnetic Heads.


Front gap material: Silicon Oxide (Glass Bonding as the VCR and Data Tape Heads).
Front gap length: 1 micrometer.
Rear gap: As the front gap.
Number of turns (N): Fifty (50).
Coilwire size: 40 AWG, as the Standardized Magnetic Heads.
The entire head
is protected against: 1. The leakage flux of the recording current, 2. Parasitic magnetic fields, meaning that the entire head is in cover of mumetal like the Standardized Magnetic Heads.
Figure 5 is a schematic of the required Recording Head.



About the coilwire diameter.  As you can understand from the physical principles of my project, the more significant specification of the Playback Heads is the coilwire diameter. In general, the smaller the core size the cheaper the head. Therefore, the core size limits oblige us to select  a coilwire diameter of 0.7 mm although a thicker coilwire is desirable. Using this coilwire size, the largest nominal current possible is 1A with current density = 2.55 A/mm .
I recommend Heavy Insulation coilwire: 0.76 mm total diameter or 21 AWG (0.031 inches total diameter).

About the number of turns (N).  Because of the waveform of the reproducing current is nearly like the Direct Current, we may use a larger N than N of the Recording Head. However, if N is too large then it will cause:
1. High self-inductance coefficient (L) in a sense that the internal impedance of the playback head will be somewhat increased due to the inductive reactance during the return time of the sawtooth wave (reset mode).
2. High back-magnetomotive force (I*N) in a sense that the coercive force at the front gap will be too high to the coercivity of the magnetic tape although this coercivity will have much higher value than specifications of magnetic tape manufacturers due to the non-opposite magnetic particles.
We should avoid both of them. The N must be one hundred (100).

Front gap material:  Glass Bonding as the Recording Head.

About the front gap length:  Although the required gap length is 1 micrometer, as the Recording Head, I suggest that the Prototypes Playback Heads have distinct gap lengths so that we perform tests regarding the accommodation of the output voltage and current. For example, when the gap length is small, we have lower voltage than voltage of long gap because of a very small gap length implies that the magnetic conductance of the gap becomes comparable to the magnetic conductance of the head core (the head efficiency is proportional to the front gap length). On the other hand, we have larger current because the coercive force against the coercivity of the magnetic tape is lower than coercive force of long gap (the longer the gap the more the wavelengths which are included into the front gap area, for a given reproducing frequency).
When the gap length is large, we have higher voltage but we have also less current.
The front gap length must have three values: 0.5, 1 and 2 micrometers.

Core Material: Hot Isostatically Pressed MANGANESE-ZINC FERRITE MND 5100 (American Trade Name) or equivalent.

The rear gap must have the lowest reluctance possible because this reluctance reduces the magnetic conductance of the head core, it reduces the head efficiency. We may, for example, use a straight foreword manor meaning that the rear gap does not have silicon oxide, it is nearly closed gap. In this case, the rear gap is essentially zero or very small in relation to the front gap.

The entire head is protected against parasitic magnetic fields like the Recording Head.

The Figure 6 is a sketch of the required Playback Head. The Recording Head is the same except for:
1. Coilwire size, 2. Number of turns and 3. Reluctance of the rear gap.
This sketch gives you the required core size with the critical dimensions and the Figure 7 shows the detailed actual size of the required Recording & Playback Head for the PPS. The Terminals are tinned wires or contacts (not shown at the following Figures). Outriggers or other tape guides are not necessary.
Both Recording and Playback Heads do have polished gap surface – as the Standardized Ferrite Tape Heads – so that the head wear, due to the tape motion onto the head, is minimum.




During the reproduction, the magnetic tape is pasted on a foamy plastic material round a drum (circular motion, not linear as the recording mode, see Fig. 8). This means that the tape speed can be higher than 1 m/s, up to 5 m/s, so that the reproducing frequency is up to 5 MHz maximum, if this is desirable. It goes without saying that the chassis (housing) of the PPS is made of mumetal or other modern material, in order to shield the tape against external parasitic magnetic fields, like the heads manufacturing. Also, around the housing, there is foamy plastic or rubber material, in order to absorb the crash due to accidental fall to the floor or any other shock (the ferrite cores are brittle in their nature).


The output voltage of each Prototype Playback Head is some volts (about 10 or 12 V depending on the front gap length and reproducing frequency) while the voltage drop into the head is approx. 0.3 - 0.5 V. We may use the Playback Heads in various connections: series, parallel etc. The above mean that the output power of the PPS is practically unlimited. Merely, we must use a percentage of the output power for the motor; to start the motor, we may use an electric source. For example, if the motor consumes 6V / 0.3A then the total current into the Playback Head is the nominal 1A + 0.3A = 1.3A. To this point, I explain that the overloading tolerance allows us to overload the Playback Head up to 3A because of: 1. The maximum back-magnetomotive force possible is I*N = 3A*100turns = 300A. 2. The copper wire resists many times the nominal current (1A) for many hours meaning that  an 1.3 or 1.5A total current is allowable almost continuously.


Although all the commercially available VHS tapes (5 μm coating thickness) are suitable to my project, the Panasonic SP, HG and XD videocassettes of '90s are preferable because of these tapes do have high power and nonporous magnetic particles. But some newly developed VHS and S-VHS tapes have 4 μm and 3 μm coating thickness, respectively. This results in lower Φr and lower output voltage. However, the new Advanced Metal Particles media technology offers higher Br than the '90s Br of VHS tapes, so the thinner coating is necessary in order for the tape to keep at the same Φr as the previous tapes of 5 μm coating thickness. This results in the same output voltage as the 5 μm tapes and even better. The new high-sensitivity Super Finavinx metal magnetic particles of TDK tapes is an example of High Output, while similar Metal Particle Tapes are widely used in DLT media and have been adopted by the majority of professional digital video industry in formats like the DVCPRO, Digital Betacam and partially in 8mm & Hi8 video tapes; both analogue & digital camcorders. The metal evaporated technique, which is used in some 8mm, Hi8 and Mini-DV tapes, is very different from the Metal Particles technology.


As you can understand, the wider the track the higher the Φr, with the same coating thickness. This means that a 2-inch fulltrack recording format has in general higher Φr than Φr of 1/2 inch width. But a 2-inch magnetic head is somewhat large in a sense that such a size does not fit a compact device as the PPS. In addition, the required equipment for the 1/2 inch tape motion (e.g, a VCR) is much cheaper than equipment for the 2-inch tape motion. This is why I suggest 1/2 inch fulltrack recording format although we may fabricate 2-inch Magnetic Heads for the Transportation Industry or Homepower Applications, by purchasing the required equipment. These Playback Heads are suitable for Home Generators & Electric Vehicles (electric cars, motorcycles, small ships, boats, submarines etc).


Because of the required – recorded onto the tape – wavelength is 1 micrometer, it is concluded that we may use lower values than 1 MHz and 1 m/s for the recording frequency and tape speed, respectively. For example, we may use 500 KHz recording frequency and 0.5 m/s tape speed. But for productivity reasons, the tape speed must be high. This is why I suggest these values (1 MHz, 1 m/s). Besides, this tape speed (1 m/s) is the same or lower than tape speed of the Video Cassette Recorders in REW and FF mode.


In my project, we have recording and reproduction of waveform whose period has only positive values. This condition differentiates the specifications of the FERRITE MND 5100 because the manufacturer measurements concern only sinusoidal waveforms.
I have already taken measurements concerned permeability versus temperature and permeability versus frequency using standardized E-shape ferrite cores. The results are very different from the manufacturer measurements. My opinion is that these differentiations occur because the ferrimagnetic resonance appears at higher frequencies (due to the non-opposite magnetic flux). This is a fundamental property of the Ferrimagnetism that concerns the magnetic anisotropy. For example, the manufacturer diagram shows that the initial permeability (μr) is abruptly reduced after the 500 KHz. This behavior concerns only sinusoidal waveforms.

About  Our  Cooperation  Status

At first, the present technical information is provided to the Magnetic Data Storage Industry, as a Jobs protection due to occasional attempts of some fuels industry minorities to attack against magnetic data storage products. These attacks are totally unfair and illegal. A formal deal between the fuels industry and the Rest of Us will take place after my compensation, as follows:

The protracted pendency of my civil cases against the greek public gas company (DEPA S.A) and the private local gas companies has caused me excruciating emotional distress which is clearly criminal offence, not just a civil compensation case. So, I had filed a plaint (to my local First Instance and Appeal Court Prosecution Office, without Lawyer) against the local private natural gas company (EPA of Attiki) for the penal offence of Dangerous Bodily Harm.

The accused persons, instead of kill me with a pistol or something else, exploit that NO Lawyer takes over my injunction and lawsuits against them, causing to me the above Distress that results in incurable diseases, such as the "psychotic syndrome". This Distress is mainly caused by the frequent gas works for effect in local public opinion – while it is additionally aggravated due to my financial inability to bring down the absonant crude oil prices. I need MILLIONS of Euros or US dollars, in order to control the mass media AND place my ads to them. Currently, the local mass media REJECT my ads of some hundreds of euros, for some days publicity. ONLY a local newspaper ACCEPTED my paid ads, for six days publicity (one, in February / March of 2020 and one, in January of 2022). In early 2021, a local hi-traffic news web site accepted my banner ad for about a month, but with disruptions.

The greek authorities PRETEND that there is not any explosion danger from the natural gas usage, while I have submitted ALL the required proofs from November 29th of 2005, during the First Instance mode. Moreover, there is a particular issue with the local terrorist group "November 17". I learned in June of 2003 that the greek authorities used my social views within this web site along with verbal explications, in order to find and arrest the members of this terrorist group in 2002.

IT IS NOW A FACT that the greek authorities do not want to prosecute the local natural gas companies BECAUSE their post-9/11 executives HELPED the authorities to catch the "November 17" in "exchange" to get rid of me. BUT the greek authorities WOULD NOT CATCH the "November 17" WITHOUT THE WAR between me and the fuels industry (1994 - to date). So, this "exchange" is absolutely illegal. The greek authorities are like they tell me: YOU forget the compensation lawsuits against the DEPA & EPA OR WE CONFINE YOU.

I CAN NOT TOLERATE SUCH A GRIEVANCE. This is Fascism behavior and I am still waiting for the written response of my local Prosecution Office, about the "November 17" issue. This response is very essential BECAUSE it defines the Bill Of Indictment for the Iraq War Deception – Deception Of The Masses: Deception Of The World Public Opinion.

I am also requesting the Officers within the European Union, who is responsible to handle the messages sent to European Commission? When I had submitted a Complaint to the Euro-Ombudsman on February 28th 2005, Dr. Nikiforos Diamandouros sent me a letter, hinting that the greek authorities are LIABLE to STOP the VIOLENCE of my constitutional rights from the greek natural gas companies. Dr. Diamandouros suggested me to address my request to the European Commission. If you are an Employee of the EC, please contact your Director to order my injunction. The funds WASTE of the community support framework IS Criminal Action.

THE FACT that the Supreme Court Of Greece decided in 2010 that the natural gas can NOT come to Greece as in the rest Europe, does NOT constitute injunction. The local natural gas brokers freely continue to proceed to relevant infrastructure construction. Maybe they plan coup d'etat, as I refer at the bottom of Legal Activism page.

Officially, I am still searching for a Lawyer who will submit to local Court one or more compensation lawsuits against the greek public gas company (DEPA S.A) and the private local gas companies – although a Judge clarified me that we can NOT enforce any Lawyer to seek police protection, as a civil case (I agree). So, I am waiting for Lawyer Appointment as a penal case (in Ex Officio), but for how long? The undoubted damages are: heavy emotional infliction and distress, harm to the professional reputation, detriment to personality – while additional damages might be arisen from the criminal record of the DEPA predecessors (before or after 1997). The Lawyer task is quite usual: all the criminal facts are found in the Greek Courts.

Regardless of the above trial or lawsuit(s), the Authorities of each Nation are competent to provide a legal support to those Persons who would like to proceed (or have long proceeded) to samples making for humanitarian use, such as:
1.  Medical care in remote areas without electricity and/or emergency mode (power failures, blackout conditions, natural disasters etc).
2.  Personal use due to the protractedly expensive oil and gasoline (peak oil suppression), or other high energy costs.
The course of my compensation is NOT related to Sample Makers Protection, which comes under Fundamental Constitutional Rights of Citizens in the whole Civilized World.

The above course is certainly related with the Transition from the today's oil Economy to the PPS Economy, as referred in the Legal Activism page. The compensation issues of the Relatives of Victims due to 9/11 attacks are also related matters (causality connection: no illegal funding to optical storage, no need for PPS web presence, hence no 9/11 casualties). The de jure Recognition of the PPS project from nineties (along with the informed Public Opinion and proper Web presence) would have prevented Bush Administration from proceeding the 9/11 attacks to find an excuse for invasions in fossil fuels-related countries. Moreover, the oil prices would be regular all the time and the legal settlement would have provided clear framework for power failure circumstances, including the timetable for the oil-to-PPS Transition.

The same chain causation for Compensations, applies to the Families of later Victims of the "war on terrorism" (no 9/11 casualties, no reason for invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq, no Iraq war with participation of foreign governments, no March 11 casualties in Spain or other Iraq War participant countries e.g, Australian Embassy in Jakarta or July 7 casualties in London UK and so on). The Woolwich Attack of 2013 against British Soldier, is also an Iraq War Consequence. Similarly, the islamic attacks of 2014 against both Canadian Parliament in Ottawa AND Police Officers in New York City, would NOT happen IF the PPS were on the storeshelves since 2001. The jihadists would NOT exist today, as referred in the Legal Activism page.

To this point, NO american invasion in Afghanistan in 2001, NO Taliban revenge in 2021, hence NO refugees from Kabul airport (and not only). In 1996 - 2001, when Taliban governed Afghanistan in the first place, the number of refugees was negligible. This means that ALL the VIctims' Families of the suicide bombing (due to ISIS-K) on August 26th of 2021 at Kabul airport, DESERVE Compensations according to 9/11 attacks.

The Bill Of Indictment for the Iraq War Deception DEPENDS ON WHO exerted pressure on the greek government in 2002, in order for the legal authorities NOT to inform me that they found the "November 17" USING my social views. That is, IF I HAD this information IN TIME – BEFORE the troops gathering in gulf area, in Autumn of 2002 – I WOULD UPDATE the site content IMMEDIATELY (along with the earlier activation of Hence, this web site would be anti-war WITHOUT the delay OF THREE most significant MONTHS (October 2002 - January 2003). This delay occurred BECAUSE the previous web server WAS SHUT DOWN from late September to early December of 2002. We would have PREVENTED the Iraq War: Unforgivable Crime for the pressure executives.

And if the above executives have already been punished (as my local prosecutor had verbally told me), their responsibilities are transferred to their successors, SINCE they (the executives) represented certain corporate interests.

The Russian and Chechen Families of Victims of their War (including Ossetians) can also seek Compensations from their fuel corporations, on condition that their Lawyers will point out the dirty role of their local fuels industry behind their local wars. The Families' Lawyers must demonstrate that the russian government exploits their local controversy in order to promote its "strategic plans" (pipelines) against Innocent Victims who die every day for oil or gas "toll rates". The Volgograd Massacre in late 2013, is due to this War.

So, the Target of Families' Lawyers (Spanish, British, Caucasian or any other country Lawyers) should be the formation of a Compensation Fund, similar to that of the U.S Justice Department for the Families of Victims of 9/11 attacks. Concerning the Madrid attacks, the local Courts should proceed against the local gas company (Gas Natural) for complicity to terrorism. Concerning the Beslan attacks, given that the Internet Penetration to Caucasian Populations is not strong, I suggest that the Hague Court proceeds against the russian government and any other liable caspian or caucasian government(s). The war crimes are NOT prescriptible. By the way, given that at Google the overall rank of this web site has been declined (due to algorithm changes), the internet penetration to any developing country is almost useless (regarding this site publicity). Unless, somebody else can use the Facebook or other social media to bring MASS Visitors (no spam please, from alleged traffic sites).

Concerning the UK attacks as well as the attacks within muslim nations (Jihadists, Al Qaeda, western intervention, Taliban against Everyone etc), the local fuel corporations (regardless of liquid or gas) are liable to compensate their Victims, plus Compensations to the Tourist Businesses.

To this point, the Norway and New Zealand Massacres of 2011 and 2019 respectively, would NOT happen IF the 9/11 attacks did NOT exist. The slayers repeatedly said that thay have anti-islamic beliefs. So, the 9/11 ruin sowed the seeds of hatred between Islam and Christianity, resulting in brain-washing of political extremists (either islamists or christians). This means that the Two Killers would NOT proceed to their barbaric actions, without having first the Islamophobia Inculcation. Therefore, the Families of ALL Victims deserve Compensations, according to the Compensation Fund of the U.S Justice Department for the Families of Victims of 9/11 attacks.

Regarding the massacre of 2013 in Boston Marathon, there are two scenarios:
1. The two Chechen brothers CARRIED their War with Russia on the ground of USA for universal mediation. This scenario implies that this massacre would NOT happen IF Russia DID NOT invade Chechnya in 1994. Hence, ALL the Families – including the Frightened CrowdDESERVE Compensations from Gazprom, LukOil or other russian fuel corporations.
2. The two Chechen brothers had islamic beliefs and thus, their case belongs to 9/11 effects. This scenario implies that their Victims' Families (both Dead and Maimed), as well as the Frightened Crowd deserve Compensations according to the 9/11 Compensation Fund, as the above Norwegian and Australian Killer cases.

Regarding the ruin of 2014 in Peshawar - Pakistan, this massacre would NOT happen IF the PPS were on the storeshelves since 2001 (instead of the war-on-terror launch, by the Taliban Guiltiness). Thus, ALL the Relatives of Dead Children DESERVE Compensations from the 9/11 Compensation Fund.

The above imply that the Electric Power Production From Magnetic Tapes project will constantly be accessible to the Public, with the same URL address, as the current web site (own domain name: The Purpose is a de jure Recognition of the PPS project from the fuels industry (de facto long ago), as a legal Reference for our environmental deadlocks and Depletion of commercially viable oil reserves: the today's CRUDE OIL prices are Unacceptable for the Global Economy and Poverty Criteria.

In other words, my compensation constitutes a Transition Step to the Post-Oil Age. So, one of the competences of this web site consists in the political action for the introduction of the PPS in our daily lives. Until a Lawyer is appointed, I lawfully state that I am in self-defence mode and thus, I have the right to seek via the Internet an International Court Intervention, since OPEC officially declares that we have reached the peak oil Age (OPEC inability to meet our Global Energy Needs). It goes without saying that my compensation course is independent from the starting time of mass PPS usage. Even if a Court orders it now, my compensation will be received BECAUSE OF my Huge Moral Damage from 1994 to date.

I am also requesting that any governments or energy research foundations PROVIDE ME with some millions of US dollars, before my compensation. The argument of this proposition is that these governments / foundations SPEND BILLIONS of USD every year for energy proposals, including oil & gas exploration. Any Investors of Any Country are also welcome. I PROMISE to bring the PPS on the storeshelves WITHIN  FEW  WEEKS after receiving the capital.

Please contact me with any questions or comments that you may have. If the E-Mail addresses do not respond or not work, perhaps you may call me at +30 69 80 59 46 01. Should you like to learn more about the long-standing Conflict between this invention and the fuels industry, please visit the Project History page. Also, I kindly ask you to do "like" at even if you do not speak greek.

Thank you.


Basil Dimitropoulos
Electrical Engineer
104 - 106 Kremou Street, Kallithea, Athens 176-76  GREECE
1st E-Mail:  –  2nd E-Mail:
TEL:  +30 69 80 59 46 01

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